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The staff at the CCC is grateful for partnerships with families. The collaboration between staff and families is a valuable asset to our program. The staff encourages family involvement in a child's learning experience at the CCC. Family-staff communication is key at both arrival and departure. Important information is also highlighted in our quarterly newsletter that shares classroom happenings and upcoming dates. Your child's development is our utmost priority and we hope to be a resource to you during this partnership. We look to families as a child's first teacher.

There are other ways to participate in your child's learning throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to share their interests with the children & staff, actively participate in the project work, as well as attend parent-teacher conferences each semester.

Parent Handbook

The ISU Child Care Center has compiled a handbook to provide parents with an understanding of the facility, policies, procedures, and goals of the Center. If at anytime, you have questions concerning the content of the handbook, please contact the Director at 309-438-5026. The handbook is reviewed frequently to update policies which may be impacted by the licensing agents of the Child Care Center

Explore Parent Resources

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    Parent Partnerships

    Discover how you can participate in your child's activities at the ISU Child Care Center.

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    Enrollment Forms

    Get more information about the forms to be completed before your child is enrolled.

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    Daily Schedule

    Explore our daily schedule to understand the daily activities provided at our center.


  • As always, I love all that I see and hear not only through my own eyes but through Mikaela's. It occurs to me that so many of the problems that we encounter with adults can be attributed to deficiencies in childhood. My kids will be such healthy individuals because of the hand that you have had in their development. As always, I am deeply grateful!

    - Cindy J., current and former parent

  • Having our son Liam attend ISU Child Care Center is such a gift to him and to our entire family. As a working mother, there is no greater feeling than knowing your child is being taken care of by people who genuinely care about your child and his development. Every time I walk into the center I am greeted with smiling faces, joyful adults, who are engaged and present. From the director to the students, there is an equality and respect for all who walk through the door. It is clear that the children are equally joyful and happy to be there. It appears that there is an invisible bridge that allows the staff to actually become part of your family and the important work we do together to give our children the best possible care. The gentle guidance, the child centered, independence valued approach that is solidly developmentally appropriate makes this facility heads above any I have ever seen in my 13 years of parenting. We are lucky to be a part of this experience.

    - Tracy B., current parent

  • ISU Child Care Center is quite simply the best thing that EVER happened to our family. Our children are better people, we are better parents, and we get to learn from some of the best teachers around.

    - Wes M., current and former student parent

  • We had such a good experience at ISU Child Care Center. We will definitely enroll our son once he turns three years old. Our daughter, now in 1st grade, still looks forward to visit ISU Child Care Center whenever there is an opportunity. We have witnessed how the teachers truly care for each child. They are passionate in what they do: to teach, discipline, and cultivate mannerisms into young children. Seeing the children happily engaging in their play and other hands-on projects strongly builds our confidence in the quality of ISU Child Care Center, a place that offers a very warm atmosphere for parents and children alike. Our daughter was very fortunate to experience this wonderful place. We hope that other children of ISU students, faculty, and staff would have the same opportunity.

    - Nikki M., former and future parent

  • Angela

    What is there not to love about the ISU Child Center? Starting off as a practicum student my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to be a part of this program for the remainder of my college career. Barb, Pam, and Lisa are three of the most inspiring, influential, and helpful women I have ever met. Working as a Teacher Aide for the past three years has taught me more than a majority of my educational classes here at Illinois State. Having the hands-on experience of working with these brilliant children semester after semester has shaped how I will forever interact with young human beings. This is LARGELY due to the quality programming and atmosphere the teachers in the Child Care Center provide. The routines and discipline strategies the Child Care Center holds truly shapes these young individuals into accountable, smart, and creative people. Their imagination shines with the project approach and “learning through play” methods that are key to the teachers’ heart.

    I am intrigued and captivated every time I walk through the door by witnessing something new for the kids to create in the art area or innovative toys at the water table. The children are always active, busy, and moving, whether it is physically or cognitively. The routine set in place every day not only meets the children’s developmental needs, but it keeps them coming back each morning with a smile on their face (in addition to not wanting to leave at the end of the day). Witnessing the growth and progress of each child throughout each semester is the most enlightening thing to see.

    All in all, I would highly consider moving back to Central Illinois after starting a family just to have my children attend the Illinois State Child Care Center. I am thankful for all of the knowledge I have gained with my experience here because I firmly believe I will be a better teacher and mother because of it.

    - Angela G., student assistant

  • ISU Child Care Center staff provide a nurturing family atmosphere while encouraging a supportive environment where children are encouraged to learn and explore through their experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing. For our family, it was not only a Child Care Center, but a magical respite that was the BEST opportunity for a family away from home.

    - Tulley Family, former parent

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  • Emily

    The ISU Child Care center has become my second home, the staff has become my family, and every day I have had the ability to learn something new and grow into a better teacher. Working and observing in other centers has no comparison on the impact that this child care center has had on my life and the lives of all the children that have been through these doors. I definitely underestimated the abilities, knowledge, humor and love that a 3-5 year old possesses. The team teachers have touched the lives of so many families, and it has been a wonderful experience witnessing that with them for the past 4 years. As a future teacher I have gained the experience in working with other students, staff, parents, and children. These children have made my collegiate journey such memorable one; it’s nearly impossible to walk into our center without smiling. My only hope is to continue everything that I have learned and experienced here at this center and apply it to impact the lives of families in the future.

    - Emily Pilguy, student assistant