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Kids playing with a box of sand on a lighted table.

Research Opportunities

The policy of the Illinois State University Child Care Center is to serve as a research and special project site for students and faculty at Illinois State. The Child Care Center will cooperate in ways consistent with appropriatepractice to ensure the emotional, social, physical and mental well-being of children and families served.

The Center reserves the right to deny permission to conduct research or special projects, and the right to cancel permission for the continuation of the research or special projects while in progress.

  • Steps Taken Before and After

    • Complete and submit both applications with appropriate signatures to the Center Director at least two weeks in advance of proposed projectstarting date.
    • Participate in an interview with Center Staff to discuss project activities.
    • Applicant must be readily available for ongoing consultation throughout the duration of the project.
    • Applicant must secure written permission of each participating child's parent before research or project begins.
  • Denial of Research

    Causes for denial or re-decision of approval include, but are not limited to the following.

    The research or special project is deemed:

    • developmentally inappropriate for children and families served;
    • unethical or inappropriate in terms of practice or protocol;
    • in violation of ISU's guidelines for ethical treatment of human or animal subjects;
    • at risk of violating privacy and confidentiality standards;
    • inconsistent with Center's stated goals and philosophy;
    • too disruptive to Center's daily program and services;
    • too demanding of Center Staff time or involvement; or
    • discriminatory regarding gender, color, ethnic background, race, culture, religion, disability, or national origin.